Thursday, 14 June 2012

Mea culpa & HUGE NEWS

We’ve been in the other yellow kitchen for 6 weeks and I haven’t written one word of blog. There are many excuses I could make, none of which are interesting, unless you are imminently visiting – i.e. the bathroom is nearly ready and the guest quarters look lovely. Also KK has planted a garden – which is important food news. 50 tomato plants, salading, herbs, a new raised bed and incipient tidiness in other garden zones.

There has been excellent food, naturally. The lovely daughter was already here when we arrived and had been subsisting entirely on canned and bottled products from the cellar. Lucky her. Our first guests arrived four days after we did. The Blacksmith gave us one of his late geese to eat on the 8th of May (VE day) after much post ceremony drinking and eating of the baker’s snacks and petits fours. The Blacksmith’s lady hereinafter known as the Artist, gave us an enormous rabbit which I cooked, as usual in white wine and mustard. More about rabbit some other time – rabbit will feature much in our diet, since the Artist has a gift for rodent rearing. Our nice guests also took us to Chez Poirier (see previous eulogies) where a suitably delicious and gargantuan meal was eaten after perusing the Monday market in Chalais.  There are also photos of food somewhere in a camera which will form part of a blog at some point. 

The main point of this meandering is to tell the world that the bar restaurant in Petit Bersac is opening on Monday. 

I can’t tell you how excited we are! If you thought we were excited about the bakery … well...

Officially, the restaurant opens on Monday 18th June 2012 at noon and I proudly reserved the first table. Yes! But tomorrow – Friday 15th at 5pm the village is invited to aperitifs and nibbles to meet the restaurant ladies. There will be photos, there will be excitement, there has been gossip. Two women with a small red-headed and adorable child; the mother of the chef was an accountant and now looks after the baby. Isabelle (call me Isa, I’m shy and I love food) the chef, and Aurélie (I manage stuff) who will do everything else except build stuff and hew wood – Isa does that. Likeable, competent, enthusiastic, brave and, above all here, in our newly renovated bar, grocery, restaurant. We are excited, proud, and we wish them all the very, very best. Please be successful and please stay. 

Le Vin Doux, open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, from dawn to late for coffee and drinks and buying a bag of pasta. Local food, produced by local people, fresh – there is no freezer – modern and respectful of tradition. 

And I’ll be there on Saturday too – the council is having first dinner there and significant others are invited (KK is quietly pleased). So there will be news – I know what the menu is because I chose it and I’m not telling, but I'm quietly confident.

So, three days in a row - what shall I wear??!!!

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